Referee communication system

A wireless referee communication system is a great tool for rapid mutual communication between referees.

In more and more game forms we work with multiple referees.

In today's football, four referees are working and the professional footballers almost always work with wireless communication between the linesmen, the 4th official and the referee in the field.

But also in other sports people work with multiple referees and in some American sports sometimes with 8.

Depending on the desired and required way of communicating, we have systems in our program that offer a solution.

A system where in principle every device can communicate with the "leader" maximum 3 persons can debate each other. Permanent back and forth discussion without buttons etc.

The rest listen and can also come into contact with the "leader" after one or both of the followers have dropped out.

Three people can, if desired, permanently converse with each other. The 4th official can be consulted if desired.

referee communication system